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Laguardia Airport Runway Pumping System Upgrade

Flygt submersible pumps eliminate flood damage concerns



High water on an airfield always presents a problem, but in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey stepped up the planned replacement of Pump Station Nos. 4 and 6, which drain LaGuardia’s two runways. Fleet worked with Flygt on the procurement of eight Flygt 300-hp, 33,000-gallon-per-minute, propeller-style electrical submersible pumps. The two runway Pump Stations were upgraded to be 5-kv substations situated in less vulnerable locations. The axial flow pumps are ideally suited for the airside upgrade, where they will move large volumes of water at low heads (25 ft). In addition, Fleet supplied the interface for the pump intakes, controls and other components to facilitate the replacement by the installation contractor.