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Washingtonville WWTP

Upgrades for Resiliency

Instead of repairing RAS pumps at the Washingtonville WWTP, the Operators decided to harden the plant to help protect it against future flooding, increasing the plant reliability.

Flygt Concertor pumps were selected for the dry-pit operation, while being fully waterproof. For ease of service, a telescoping inlet provides access to the impeller without disturbing piping, and service cart/rail permits motor service by a single person without a hoist.

The initial design required a constant 320 GPM flow. The Concertor has a standard, integral speed controller, and was set up for that duty.

Subsequently, it was found that some conditions would require 960 gpm. Without any mechanical modification, the Concertors were reprogrammed to operate at that higher flowrate. This change was made without service interruption.

Fleet provided continuous project support. This includes supplying the pumps, controls, installation training, Startup, and Operator training. The pumps have been in operation since 2018 and have operated continuously without incident.