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Green Innovation

  • Hydro Turbines
  • Wastewater Heat Recovery
  • Rainwater Reuse
  • Condensate Recovery & Reuse
  • Electric Water Heaters & Boilers

Fleet features groundbreaking engineered equipment designed with ecological mindfulness that revolutionizes traditional processes by integrating innovative, sustainable technologies. With a focus on environmental stewardship, this equipment is setting new standards in the industry while minimizing ecological impact.

Hydro Turbines

Flygt Hydro Turbines

Smart and Compact Hydropower

In hundreds of sites throughout the Northeast, Flygt hydroturbines have been operating for decades producing clean power for local communities. In new hydro plants or existing structures, Flygt hydro turbines are easily applied with minimal disruption to existing sites and rivers. These units are extremely adaptable and can work at almost any site with sufficient water flow. With low initial investment cost and long lifetime, the return on investment for small-scale hydro is short.

Submersible hydro turbines operate fully submerged, so they are out of the way, quiet, and do not require expensive superstructure. For many applications, the first cost payback is under three (3) years. Contact us for a site visit and application analysis.

InPipe HydroXS®

The Energy Recovery System

The InPipe HydroXS® energy recovery system replicates the functionality of a Municipal or Industrial pressure control valve, creating precise pressure management and flow control. Instead of burning off the differential pressure, renewable electricity is generated, suitable for local use or to be fed back into the local Utility grid. Onboard controls collect real-time data collection for vastly improved verification and connection to Utility SCADA systems.

For many applications, the first cost payback is under three (3) years. Contact us for a site visit and application analysis.

Wastewater Heat Recovery

ThermWin® System

Wastewater Energy Transfer™ for
Commercial and Municipal Applications

Government and popular sentiment are driving rapid decarbonization, without suitable technologies firmly in place. Wastewater is available in every building and contains vast amounts of energy that typically are wasted. The Thermwin system permits this energy to be utilized within decarbonization designs at either the Facility or Municipal level, significantly reducing operating costs. Overall heating and/or domestic water heating systems can be more cost-effectively designed using the Thermwin wastewater heat recovery unit, minimizing the initial cost of implementation. In addition, the practical issues of footprint required electrical infrastructure, and even access to existing buildings are mitigated using this technology. 

Thermwin systems have been utilized globally in hundreds of installations, and Thermwin is the proven leader in the difficult application of wastewater heat recovery.

Rainwater Reuse

Wahaso Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Re-Use Solutions for Commercial Projects

Clean water is less and less available, even as populations and usage are increasing. Wahaso provides a wide range of rainwater harvesting and re-use systems. Wahaso utilizes Municipal-grade components for robust and trouble-free systems. Automated functions and connectivity to BAS systems are standard, to reduce the requirement for service.

Wahaso systems are most commonly designed for non-potable re-use applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation, and cooling tower make-up.

Wahaso RainyDay

Rainwater Re-Use Systems Optimized for NYC Applications

RainyDay re-use systems are designed for seamless implementation into typical NYC stormwater detention/retention tank applications. Components have been optimized for a standard design, and installed in some of the largest commercial, residential, and institutional facilities in NYC.

Re-use water is typically utilized for cooling tower makeup, irrigation, and toilet flushing applications. As water scarcity and water costs become a more pressing issue in NYC, the requirement for re-use will become more and more frequent.

Condensate Recovery & Reuse

Wahaso Condensate Systems

Solutions for Commercial Projects

Commercial buildings with forced-air cooling systems have the potential to generate condensate, a steady source of water that can be harvested for reuse.

In many cases, that water is sent to the sewer system, wasting a valuable source that can be treated and used for non-potable applications. A Condensate Water Recovery System can turn that wasted source into a usable source. Wahaso’s condensate system is compact, pre-assembled and designed for easy installation.

Electric Water Heaters & Boilers

Lync CO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters

Powered by Natural Refrigerant

Aegis is a highly efficient, commercial heat pump solution that uses electricity and natural CO2 refrigerant to provide heat up to 180°F at the primary heat exchanger and when connected to the Aegis Heat Exchanger Module can produce domestic hot water up to 170°F all year round. 

Using electricity and the superior qualities of R744, the refrigerant number for CO2, the Aegis heat pump water heaters are one of the cleanest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly ways to heat domestic water.

AERCO Benchmark® E

A Powerful, Emission-Free Electric Boiler

Benchmark E is a powerful, emission-free electric boiler that offers the superior reliability and energy savings of the original, compact gas-fired Benchmark boiler, in addition to new technology such as Peak Load Management and Hybrid Plant capability.

Electric power is key to moving towards a more sustainable future. The Benchmark E is a powerful, clean heating solution that effectively addresses efforts to decarbonize and electrify the built environment.

Many states have set targets to reduce carbon emissions, including requiring buildings to move toward more efficient solutions that use cleaner energy. With Benchmark E, emissions from the building heating plant can drop to zero – instantly. Benchmark E can also be used in a hybrid plant with existing fossil fuel-based boilers for a highly effective, cost-focused approach to meeting decarbonization requirements.