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Community Involvement

Fleet and Xylem support NYSDEC's “Trees for Tribs” Program

In October of 2022, G.A. Fleet and Xylem, Inc. partnered together to plant and protect over 100 small native trees and shrubs at Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers, NY. The plantings were donated as part of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s “Trees for Tribs” grant.

There were NYSDEC and Weschester Park Foundation staff on site to advise and guide the project. With tools and gloves in hand, the volunteers spent the day enhancing and protecting the waterway.

By supporting plantings along tributaries (“tribs”), small streams that feed larger rivers and lakes, the “Trees for Tribs” program helps create healthier, more climate-resilient communities, in the following ways:

  • Water Quality – Planting along streams slows runoff, improving the health of the stream.
  • Flood Protection – Trees and shrubs along streams can slow floodwaters, reducing the threats to property and public safety.
  • Erosion Control – Deep root systems hold soil in place, preventing streambanks from wearing away and soil from entering the water, where it can smother and kill fish eggs.
  • Wildlife Habitat – Trees and shrubs provide homes and food for a variety of animals. Shaded streams keep water cool for fish such as trout, and fallen leaves provide food for aquatic insects that are, in turn, eaten by fish.

Fleet and its valued partner Xylem are committed to improving the quality of water and the ecosystems dependent on them.