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The Detection Group

FM Approved Wireless Water Leak Detection System

The Detection Group and their wireless water detection and monitoring system is now part of the WATTS family of products. The Trident™ Cloud-Based loT Monitoring Platform can significantly reduce risk with proactive early warning notifications. It acts like a Smoke Detector for Water, with real-time alerts to your cell phone and valve controls to shut water off.

Flexible, Easy to Install

With the Trident™ Wireless System, leaks are detected while they are still a trickle, long before disaster strikes. Sensors can be placed within minutes anywhere there is water: restrooms, kitchens, mechanical rooms, etc. Being wireless, the system is affordable and flexible with changing real estate demands.

Over $10 Billion in Loss Claims Annually

Water damage is the #1 cause of property damage in commercial buildings, larger that fire and theft combined. The average claim is approximately $90,000, and can be as much as 10 times that amount if mold is found. The key to minimizing damage is to address a leak quickly before it has a chance to spread.

Coveted FM Approval

The Detection Group is the first and only company to receive the coveted FM Approval certification for its Trident™ Wireless Water Leak Detection System, under the stringent FM Approvals Standard 7745. “Higher certification standards and product testing mean you’ll prevent more losses,” said Brion Callori, FM Global Senior Vice President, Engineering and Research.

No Need to Worry.

Building owners, engineers, and insurance carriers love that they’re notified of small leaks before they are disasters. Averting water damage leads to happy and loyal tenants, reduced costs, and peace of mind.