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RainyDay Water Harvesting

Complete Package System

RainyDay is a prefabricated rainwater harvesting system, optimized with multiple water treatment technologies for specific re-use applications such as irrigation, cooling tower make-up, and toilet flushing.

Single-Source Responsibility

From design to start-up, it is the sole responsibility of FPS to insure the whole system is working as designed and every piece of equipment is functioning properly and reliably.

Low Running Cost

RainyDay was created to operate efficiently by limiting energy consumption. The system’s filter minimizes backwash volume, the pumps are optimized with variable frequency drives, and the durable, high-output UV disinfection lamps require less maintenance.

Overall System Reliability

The system’s reliable automatic backwash filtration and UV disinfection eliminates hazardous biocides. Our quality construction and stainless steel materials set RainyDay apart in the water treatment and filtration market.

Gain LEED Points

RainyDay meets all the requirements for obtaining LEED points with Quantity and Quality Control of Stormwater, Water Efficient Landscaping, Innovative Wastewater Technologies and overall water efficiency.

System Controls

RainyDay offers a complete system controller with features in redundancy, safety, and communication to building management systems. The advanced technology and integration are interfaced with an easy-to-use touchscreen.